About Me

Hi! I’m Jess.

I’ve been helping people talk/write pretty since 2006, but I’ve been a word nerd since birth. I have worked with small, medium, and large companies in industries such as advertising, healthcare, finance, and franchising. In my portfolio you’ll find a variety of pieces I’ve either created or edited so heavily I may as well have created them.

Outside of being a writer and editor, I am a straightforward person who seeks to make the most of her time, because it’s the only thing we can’t get more of. So if I can make something more efficient–I will. I have brought creative, innovative solutions to every role I have tackled, streamlining processes and implementing improvements that have resulted in more effective and consistent outcomes.

Obligatory hobby section: I spend a lot of my free time with my husband and our dog, usually watching *good* TV or stomping around in nature. I enjoy gardening (when my plants cooperate), cooking/baking, and DIY projects. I’m attempting to teach myself the bass guitar, and I love traveling. I’m into the whole Paleo thing, but I’m also a craft beer and local wine enthusiast. Because: balance. My guiltiest pleasure is putting together Ikea furniture.

A parting note: I presume you will vet me on social media, so I went ahead and linked you to my profiles on the homepage to save you the keystrokes. However, in these modern times please remember that these are my personal pages: Salty language, unpopular opinions, and unflattering photos abound.


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