About Me

If I had my way, my title would be “Professional Turd Polisher” because I regularly transform what could be described as “poo on paper” into dazzling pearls of wisdom. Alas, it seems most folks don’t share my love of toilet humor or my die-hard commitment to deft communication. I digress.

I’ve been helping people talk/write pretty since 2006. A fastidious editor, I fish concise, well-formed thoughts out of murky streams of consciousness. I’ve also been known to get carried away by my own keystrokes when unmoored. Sorry; I’ll reel it in now…

I have worked with small, medium, and large companies in industries such as healthcare, finance, advertising, and franchising. In my portfolio you’ll find examples of emails, social media posts, magazine articles, and online editorials that I’ve created or contributed to.

Outside of being a writer and editor, I am a straight shooter who seeks efficiency and quality in my endeavors. Time is the only thing we can’t get more of, so if I can make something more efficient–I will. I have brought creative solutions to every role I have tackled, streamlining processes and implementing improvements that have resulted in more effective and consistent outcomes.

Obligatory hobby section: I enjoy gardening and other house projects, spending quality time with my husband and our dog, cooking, attempting to teach myself the bass guitar, traveling, and engaging in physical activity in any form (I became an NASM Certified Personal Trainer this year).

A parting note: I presume you will stalk–er, vet–me on social media, so I went ahead and linked you to my profiles on the homepage to save you the Google keystrokes. However, in these modern times please remember that these are my personal pages: Salty language, unpopular opinions, and unflattering photos are likely to abound.

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